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Although it was two weekends ago, I feel like I’m still recovering from New York Comic Con. It was fun to be Jack Heckel and get to meet so many fans of fairy tales. I had a number of great talks with fans, mostly involving my giving out free copies of Once Upon a Rhyme (still on sale for 99 cents!). I answered a lot of questions, but the most popular were:

  1. What is Once Upon a Rhyme about?
  2. What age group is it for?
  3. How do I become a writer?

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Jack Heckel at New York Comic Con!

Once upon a time, Jack Heckel, in his guise as Harry Heckel, was invited to New York Comic Con. After much celebration and tremendous effort, he made it there (and if he can make it there, he should be able to make it anywhere…). There will be a full accounting of events and in depth fairy tale discussions here, but for now, there’s a recap up on Enjoy!

New York

The Villain of Once Upon a Rhyme

maleficent A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the main character of Once Upon a Rhyme. The post broke down into a heated debate between Will Pickett and Charming, and of course, an argument could be made that neither of them is the main character, but that it should be Liz instead. So the next question is: Who is the villain?

Not being rhetorical, it’s a difficult question. The dragon isn’t the villain of the piece. She dies in the prologue. Will and Liz Pickett, the peasants who own the field where she dies may turn the other way when Will gets praised as a dragon-slayer, but they are hardly villains.

What about Charming? He’s arrogant, prideful, pig-headed, utterly vain and determined to expose the Pickett siblings as frauds. Or at least that’s where he starts out. As his world continues to shatter, several readers (and at least two of who are authors in their own rights) have told me that they found themselves pulling for Charming. The series is named after him, after all.

Rescued Princess Gwendolyn has lots of issues. It’s easy to blame her for everything, but she was left imprisoned for a generation. Is it truly her fault when she realizes that everything she believed was a lie? When she asserts herself, is she being a villain or trying to find justice the only way she knows how?

If there’s someone besides Charming or Gwendolyn who should be considered the villain of Once Upon a Rhyme, please vote or comment below. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks! 

New York Comic-Con Appearance Upcoming

Lots of interesting things going on, but first, everyone should know that copyedits have been completed on Happily Never After. It was an intense September with lots of work on The Charming Tales but unfortunately, not as many blog posts.

East Coast Jack (aka Harry Heckel) went to the Baltimore Book Festival on September 27th. It was a great event, and Harry had the opportunity to give out a number of free copies of Once Upon a Rhyme and speak to numerous writers and fans of science fiction and fantasy. A special thanks to Catherine Asaro for all her work in setting up the event.

On October 11th, Harry will appear at the New York Comic-Con, on a panel with a number of other writers, including Naomi Novik and Bishop O’Connell, titled Not Your Mother’s Fairy Tales. An autograph session will follow, and while there aren’t any physical copies of the book, Harry will have a number of cards with a free e-book offer.

Here’s the link for the information on the New York Comic Con.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support, reviews and encouragement.