Guest Blogging on Supernatural Snark

As I was taking the Christmas tree down I realized that I never had a chance to tell everyone about my guest blog on the Supernatural Snark website. Rather than give my standard spiel about the book, this time I took a moment to thank the characters that actually manage to get things done, by which I mean all of my female characters.  Let’s face it, without Liz and Elle, and even Gwendolyn, I’m not sure that Will and Charming would have been able to fill up their days (or the pages) in the first two volumes. Now that I’m working on volume III (and I promise to have some more news on this front in the coming days), I appreciate all the more my trio of dynamic damsels.
Anyway, I had a great time and some enthusiastic comments from some of the readers over there that Supernatural Snark, so drop in and give them some support.

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