A Fairy-tale Ending

It’s been a long time (last November) since we’ve been able to say a new Jack Heckel book is coming out. However, a new Jack Heckel book is being released this August, only it’s actually two old Jack Heckel books, old meaning 2014.

Fairytale EndingNow that everyone is completely confused, I present A Fairy-tale Endinga volume collecting Once Upon a Rhyme and Happily Never AfterIf you own both of the others, the only new things you’ll discover in this volume will be a map and several edits that we corrected. If you own just Once Upon a Rhyme, you may want to purchase Happily Never After instead of this volume to capture the story. If you own neither, you might want to wait to get this edition rather than Once Upon a Rhyme and Happily Never After.

So, what does this release mean? First of all, it’s a tribute to everyone who has supported us.


Without your support, we wouldn’t have this collected volume.  While it will be released as an ebook on August 25, a year and a day after the release of Once Upon a Rhyme, Harper Voyage Impulse plans to release it as a paperback later this fall. That makes a tremendous difference to us. It’s been a long wait, but thanks to you, our readers, we will have the opportunity to have this book and future titles reach paperback status as well as be available in ebook format.

We will have blog posts about the new map so all our readers can have it, and Pitchfork of Destiny (Book 3) is still slated for December 8, 2015 release. We will post news about the paperback date as soon as we have it. Again, thank you all.



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